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Eye Opener

Post by DigitKnight on Fri Jun 12, 2015 9:05 am

It was just another late night of driving home in the middle of winter. A light snowfall was slowly covering the ground with a thin blanket of snow. I was on my way back from the junkyard where I had recently sold a bunch of scrap metal to the owner for a pretty penny. Unfortunately, the scrapyard was a long ways from home and now I found myself in the boonies trying to get home without falling asleep.
   That was when I saw it, a white car on the side of the road with its passenger-side door open and the hazards on. I debated going right on by, but my conscience was nagging in me in the back of my skull so I pulled up a few feet in front the car and got out.
   I went over the passenger side door and looked into the car and found nobody in there. I put my hand on the hood of the car and could tell by the heat that it hadn’t been parked here for long. I looked off to the side of the road and saw that a set of footprints were leading to a nearby wooded area. I slowly followed the footprints until they ended by a partially frozen creek. From the looks of it whoever made these footprints decided to stop and stand right at the side of the creek. I looked around for more footprints but they just suddenly ended here, almost as if they vanished right from this spot.
   I glanced around, “Hello is anyone here, I saw the car on the side of the road and I’m just seeing if everything’s alright.” I waited for someone to call back, but nobody responded. I continued glancing around the area for several more minutes and right when I decided to head to my car, I saw it.
   A dim red light was glowing from under the thin ice of the creek. It was just slowly pulsating at a continuous slow rate and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. After what seemed like hours the light started to grow brighter and brighter. As the light’s glow intensified every muscle in my body told me to run away and get away from here as fast as possible. But I couldn’t, it was like this strange red light had paralyzed me to this spot. All of a sudden the red light let off a bright flash that forced me to close my eyes and then…

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 “Beep, Beep, Beep”
   “I hate mornings with a fiery passion.” I grumbled as I pried my eyes open so I could find the source of that excessive beeping. I reached out my hand and groped around the table next to my bed until I found my alarm clock and ceremoniously smashed the snooze button with my fist.
    Still wishing winter vacation hadn’t ended I lazily got out of bed and started to slump my way into the bathroom connected to my room. As I started to feel myself wake up I realized that was the fourth night in a row that I’d had that dream. Actually, it was more like twisted memory if anything. A few days after Christmas I really did go to the junkyard to sell some scrap metal and I really did find a car on the side of the road abandoned. But, my memory goes completely blank after I step out of my car. Oddly enough the next thing I remember after stopping by that abandoned car was me waking up in my bed the next day. Pushing these thoughts to the back of my mind I started getting ready for school.
    After I got out of the shower I put on my usual outfit of some dark blue jeans, a black shirt and a beige leather jacket to keep me warm. Before I left my room I glanced over to my desk to use my laptop’s blank screen as a mirror. When I saw my reflection the fact about my left eye came rushing back to me.
    I’ve been nothing but an average everyday guy all my life and that’s how I like it. I’m an average six foot Caucasian man, lean but not buff, with average black hair that stops right at my eyebrows, a thin face and what used to be two dark green eyes. That was no longer the case though, my left eye now has a scar stretching from my eyebrow to right below my eye making it look like my eye’s been cut in two. Not only is that but the iris of my left eye is now completely black.
    Ever since I woke up after that night my eye has been this way. I grabbed a pair of white sunglasses and put them on to hide my deformed eye. As soon as that was done I rushed out of my room down the stairs and outside the house to get to my car. I turned the engine on and began the trek to school.

    I pulled into the parking lot with a good 20 minutes left before first bell. I slung my backpack over my shoulder and started walking towards the front doors of Southern Path High School. Before I could get there though an all too familiar voice started shouting out my name, “Hey Tristan wait up you wouldn’t want to start our final semester of high school without your number one friend now would ya?”
    “Come on Cristina do you have to make a scene everywhere we go?” I said making sure to sound annoyed by her yelling.
    “But, I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t now would I? And how many times do I have to tell you to just call me Cris.” She retorts back with a smug grin on her face. “We’ve known each other for how long and you still forget to call me that?”
   I let go a quick smirk and retort, “Too long.” I hear a faint huff from Cris as I turn around to finally enter the school.
   As we enter the school, Cristina asks the question I’ve dreaded her asking, “So what’s with the glasses Mr. Shades While Indoors?”
   I feel my shoulders slump as she finishes that sentence. I turned to her and put forward my best lying voice, “I got some chemicals in my eye during work over the break so I’m wearing these shades since my eyes are pretty sensitive to light right now.” I could feel my nerves twitching waiting for her response hoping that she bought it.
    Luckily for me she instantly asks frantically, “Are you okay will it leave any permanent damage?”
“No, but I will have to keep the sunglasses on for a while.” I put on a wide grin to ensure that she fully believes the lie. When she nods and gives me a worried smile I know that I’m in the clear for now. But, that relief was short lived because I instantly felt the regret of lying to her flood over me. I hate lying to Cristina, but I don’t want this whole eye thing to become a big deal. I just want my life to stay the way it is, average.
    I dropped off the medical note that I got from a doctor friend of the family at the main office after having my little conversation with Cristina. I’m grateful to have such a laid-back pal in the medical business. I simply asked for a medical note with his name on it and happily gave it to me between his drunken laughs. All I had to do was write down a phony excuse on the paper and I was good to go.
    As I exited the office Cristina was waiting there with her usual goofy smile on her face. When she saw me, she instantly said, “Hey, just to let you know I won’t be able to see you again until tomorrow, the senior student council’s meeting up in the middle of the day to discuss some graduation business. The meeting will supposedly last until sometime after school.”
   “No worries I’m a big boy I can take care of myself.” I shoot back with a mocking tone evident in my voice. She simply smiles back and starts running towards her class while waving goodbye to me. We don’t having classes together until later in the day so that meeting of hers will definitely keep us from seeing each until tomorrow. “Well a little peace and quiet on the first day back to school is just how I like it” I say to myself as I head to my first class before the bell rings.
   The day goes on and as usual I keep to myself only really talk when called on by a teacher, same old same old. When the day is finally over I drive on straight home. When I enter the house I head towards the kitchen to make myself a snack. When I approach the fridge I see a note on the front from my Uncle Bob. It read, ‘Tristan, emergency job came up won’t be home til late, sincerely Bob.” I guess I’m in for a lot of peace and quiet today.
   I spend the rest of the day eating some ham and turkey sandwiches and lounging around the house. Around eight or so I decide to go out and get some actual hot food. I decided to drive across town to a small pizza place called Captain Slice that is actually part of gas station. When I finally got there though it was almost nine at night and it was already starting to really dark out and there were no other cars in the station.
   As I entered the gas station I saw that the cashier gave me a weird look, probably because I’m still wearing my sunglasses to cover my eye deformity. I decided to get a soda before heading to the pizza place to pick up an already made mini-pizza from their rotisserie. As I was deciding on what soda I wanted I heard a car pull in front of the station and someone entered the station soon afterwards.
   I looked up and saw a guy in a black hoodie with his hands in his pockets just standing in the right in front of the doors. I gave it no mind, and walked towards the pizza counter that was located right next to the cashier’s counter. As I gazed at the pizzas twirl around in the rotisserie I heard the man behind the counter gasp and the girl in front of me manning the pizza counter looked like she just saw a ghost. I turned to where she was looking and realized what she was so afraid of.
   The man in the black hoodie was holding a small revolver and had it pointed it towards the cashier, “Now nobody move, you got it and as long you do what I say we all get to go home safe and sound.” I could tell that this guy was nervous, his voice was trembling and though he had both his hands on the revolver it was shaking so much that I thought it would fall right out from his grasp. He pointed his gun at me and motioned me to back up and I complied until I had my back against the wall and my hands in the air.
   I looked over to the cashier and saw him reaching for something behind the counter. The silent alarm. The robber followed my line of sight and saw what I did and he quickly pointed his gun at the cashier and shot him. The bullet seemed to go through his right shoulder and he fell to the ground grasping the bullet wound with his hand. The girl behind the pizza counter rushed over to see if the old man was alright, but before she could lean down to check on the cashier the robber yelled out, “I told you not the move” and shot the girl also. She screamed and fell to the floor clutching her stomach.
   The robber was looking around frantically realizing what he did and eventually landed on me still with my back against the wall. “Now I swear if you do anything funny you’ll end up just like these two you got it?” I slowly nod my head.
The robber slowly walks in my direction so he can get around the counter to grab the money he came for. As he gets closer to me I feel my anger rising. ‘How dare this idiot come in here and shoot two people for no good reason.’ Eventually I can feel the scowl on my face take form.
   He must’ve noticed my look because as got within arm’s length from me he pistoled whipped me across the face sending my shades flying across the store. “Stop staring at me will ya it’s…” He trails off when I bring my head back and look him in the eye.
   All of sudden he starts backing up from me with a terrified expression on his face. As he’s backing up he falls over and lands on his back and his gun goes sliding across the room. He puts his hands up in front of his face and screams, “No, please go away!” I slowly step forward until I’m standing over him looking right into his eyes. He starts to tremble all over and continues to scream at me begging me to leave him alone.
   I lift my right leg and kick him across the face knocking him out. With a million questions going through my head going through my head right now I slowly whisper out the one most prevalent in my mind, "What was he so afraid of?"

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Re: Eye Opener

Post by DigitKnight on Tue Jun 16, 2015 4:43 am

I walk through the double pane glass doors of the Southern Path school library in the mood for a little peace and quiet after several stress filled days. Just having a passing thought of what happened that night makes me flashback to how terrified that man was just to look at me. I find myself often wondering if it was because of my left eye. Is it that terrifying to look at.

   After I made sure the guy was knocked out I called for an ambulance and waited until they arrived. They rushed over to where the two shot employees lay on the ground and immediately got to work helping after clarifying I was okay too. But, before the cops showed up on the scene I slipped out of the station wanting to avoid any unwanted attention from the authorities. For some reason after seeing that guy cower away from me after looking at my exposed eyes made me think that keeping my deformed eye a secret was a good idea.

   I spent the next couple days constantly worrying that the police would come looking for me wanting ask some all to invasive questions. Luck was on my side though, I saw from the news a few days later that both the employees were fine and that the robber was put in jail for his attempted burglary. Not only that, but apparently the manager of the gas station was a cheapskate and hadn't installed any working security cameras. I gathered that must be the reason why no cops have come looking for me.

   With the weight of that whole ordeal off my shoulders I entered the shockingly vast library of my archaic public high school. In the center of the library was over two dozen wooden circle tables with matching heavy chairs that were spread out to make a filled in square. To the side of them were two rows of old desktops that had there screens facing away from the tables.

   I walked over to the 30 foot long bookshelves that were situated straight across from the main doors pass the wooden tables. I look through the fiction section reveling in the smell of old worn out pages until I found a book that piqued my interest. It was called Metal Guardian and it looked like it hadn't been read in years. I took the crusted old book to one of the wooden tables situated in the corner and prepare myself for a nice reading session.

   But before I could even get past the first chapter a hyperactive girl with long blonde hair came over to me and started talking to me, "Hello there my name is Monica Strauss and I was wondering if you would fill out this survey asking your opinions on the cheer squad." I know this girl she's the co-captain of cheerleaders and she's obsessed with being popular, no doubt this survey has something to do with that. It's probably just meant to boost her own ego for whatever reason.

   Why is being the center of attention such a big deal, what a pain. I look up to her and slowly state, "I'm a little busy, so no" hoping that she'll get the message and leave me alone.
   She doesn't relent and continues, "Pretty pretty please it would mean quite a lot to me if you took this survey." At the end of that statement she takes seat on top of the table and looks down at me with seductive smile.

   Her persistent is starting to get to me, "I said no so get lost, find someone else to boost your ego." 

   Her smile instantly became a scowl as she quickly stood up and started yelling at me, "Fine if you want to read your book all alone in this dank library like a loser then be my guess." I was about to shrug her off completely until I heard someone stomp their foot from across the room. When I turn to see who it is I roll my eyes and return to my book knowing exactly what was about to happen next.

   "Where do you get off calling other people you don't even know a loser you stuck up piece of trash?" The girl in question yells out as she walks closer over to where Monica and I are. "You know all people like you really tick me off who think they can say anything they want just because they believe they've better in some way." The girl is now standing face to Monica, who is now scowling dramatically at the other girl.

   "Lay off Ms. Vice-President this doesn't concern you." I sneak a glance from my book to see that neither of them seem to be willing to back down from the other.

   I decide to chime in before this gets any louder and further disturbs my reading session, "Hey Cristina don't you think you're being a little loud for a library?" After stating that I quickly turn back to my book and let things play out.

   "Once again Tristan I prefer Cris and you know it. But, you're right." She turns to Monica and points her index finger at her and says, "Okay Monica I'm going to let this go, but if I see you hassle any of my friends again you're going to regret it." Monica simply gives a quick grunt in response to Cristina's threat and walks pass her leaving the library.

   Cristina then takes the seat across from me and stares at me with a wide toothy grin. I look up at her from my book, ready to tell her to that I just want some alone time, but she beats me to the punch, "I know I know you just want to read your book in peace. I promise to stay quiet for at least an hour. Besides I got some homework I have to finish anyway." She digs into her backpack and starts pulling out textbooks, pencils and notebooks.

   So for the next hour I simply read my book while Cristina works on her studies. Looking up from my read with the book shielding most of my face I flash a small hidden smile when I see her focusing intensely on her textbook. It amazes just how quiet she can be when she wants to be.

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Re: Eye Opener

Post by DigitKnight on Fri Jun 19, 2015 6:59 am

I continue reading my book called Metal Guardian trying to get into the story and zone out the rest of the world. But, time flies a little too fast and before I know it I hear Cristina close one of her big textbooks in order to get my attention, "Alrighty, its been an hour!" I look up at her and see her smug smile fixated on me.

   She glances down at the title of the book I'm holding and I see her grin slowly fade into a sad looking smirk. Before I can even think about the reason for her sudden change in mood she starts talking, "I've seen that book before I think I found a copy of it in some of my mom's old things." She then turns her gaze to the side of me obviously thinking of her missing mother. Cristina's mom up and vanished when she was very young and nobody knows what happened to her. Not even the police could find a clue to where she disappeared too.

   I snap my fingers to get Cristina's attention and she slowly turns her eyes on me without moving her head. With my right elbow on the table and my chin resting in my hand I let out a short sigh and say, "Don't go getting yourself down with old problems. It'd be annoying if you had another one of your week long self pity parties."

   She turns her whole body to face me and gives me a genuine smile, "You're right I have bigger problems to deal with like your bad attitude and lack of ambition.

   "My attitude's fine people just need to learn to deal with it." I state while putting my book back in my bag and out of sight.

   "You barely tolerate my presence and totally shun everybody else. Not only that, but you also have no plans for after high school. Has it not set in that this is our last semester of high school Tristan!"

   "Ugh, I have plans, I'm going to continue working at my Uncle's business once we graduate." I start tapping my right index finger against my temple to help control my annoyance at this constantly brought up topic.

   "Come on Tristan you could do so much more with your life. You've been helping your uncle manage his business's finances since the seventh grade. And I know since then his business's finances have become way more stable.

   I roll my eyes at her comment and take a deep breath, "Listen like I've told you every time we've had this discussion, I just want a normal easygoing life. What is wrong with that."

   She puffs up her cheeks trying to hold in the frustrated yell she probably wants to give me. After a few seconds she calms down and calmly states, "You are so stubborn you know that." I simply grunt and pick up my bag and start heading towards the exit.

   Cristina quickly catches up to me and starts humming a tune as we walk out of the school. As we're walking through the parking lot to our cars my annoying happy friend turns to me and says, "Before I forget, your uncle invited us to have dinner at your place tonight so be to ready have some fun!"

   "Wait, what!"

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Re: Eye Opener

Post by DigitKnight on Mon Jun 22, 2015 7:43 am

I step out of my old black Chevy Malibu with Cristina pulling her car in right behind me and I can already hear my uncle and her father enjoying themselves in my home. "This is going to be great we've haven't had dinner all together in forever!" I stare over to Cristina and see that she has the biggest grin on her face.

   She jogs passes me and heads into the old dark red building that is my home. I simply start trudging towards that house with my shoulders slumped, "It's going to be a long night."

   I enter the house and see that both my Uncle Bob and Cristina's father are sitting at our small circular dinning room table with beers in their hand and an open box of pizza in front of them. Cristina sits next to her father which finally makes the two older men realize that we've arrived. Cristina's father looks up at me and with a huge grin waves me over to have a seat, "Come on Tristan we can't wait for you forever, hahahaha." He's definitely drunk already.

   "Don't worry Mr. Devons I think I'll manage." With that I sit next to my still silent Uncle Bob and see that he is already swaying back and forth in his chair. I look over to Mr. Devons and see that he's talking to his daughter, but I can hardly tell what he's saying since his words are slurring together. But, Cristina seems to be able to decipher everything that he's saying as she converses with her father like it was any other ordinary conversation.

   "So Cris how goes the student council you keeping those lazy bums in line?" Cristina's father says as takes another swig of his beer.

   "You know it, we already have everything set up for our final spirit week"

   "That's my girl, but makes sure you don't forget to keep heading to the gym for your workouts. And I don't want to be hearing anything about you skipping class and letting your grades slip because you're a senior, YOU GOT ME!" Cristina gives a huge grin back to him and gives a big thumbs up. I let a small smirk flash on the side of my face at their whole exchange, even drunk as a sailor he doesn't stop being a father.

   I look over to Uncle Bob and see that he has his face against the table passed out. "Good old Bob that man has never been able to hold his liquor." I look over to Mr. Devons and see that he's staring up towards the ceiling with his whole body slumped in his chair. "But, you know a nap does sound pretty good right now." And with that he closes his eyes and passes out.

   I let out a tired sigh and say out loud, "That didn't take that long at all now did it?" I look over to Cristina and see that she's already making her way over to the kitchen. She grabs a can of beer out of the fridge and opens it. "Since when do you drink?" I call out to her when I follow her into the kitchen area.

   "Come on Tristan it's our semester of high school and I've never had a drop of alcohol in my life." after that she takes a huge swig of beer and let's out a huge sigh afterwards. "You want one?" she takes out another can from the fridge and waves around in the air. I give slow shake of my head to tell her no. "Tristan come on, live a little will ya. We should make a toast to our coming graduation."

   I can already see the faint tint of red on her cheeks from the alcohol, "That's still not for a couple more months." She directs a pout towards my remark and finishes off her beer and proceeds to the next one. She's able to down that one in half the time and walks off towards a nearby hallway in a stumbling stupor.

   She heads down the narrow hallway and heads up the stairs at the end of it. After realizing where she's going I let out a frustrated sigh and head up the stairs after her. When I reach the second floor I head into my room and see that she's in there looking through all my stuff.

   When she notices my presence she looks up at me and scowls. "Why are you wearing those sunglasses it's already dark out. Are you afraid of looking people directly in the eyes or something. And what's with this room it is so boring just a bed, a desk, a full bookshelf and a closet that is way too organized to belong to a human being." She really can't hold her liquor either can she?

   I just watch her go through my stuff without ever leaving the doorway knowing full well that trying to stop her would be too much work that I cared to do. She eventually stops her scavenger hunt when she finds something in one of my desk draws, but I can't tell what it is since she's between me and the desk. She turns around with blank face and holds up a picture, "You still have this?"

   I see the picture and realize that it's one of the few pictures that I ever bothered to keep. It's me and Cristina who's holding a gold medallion she got for winning a boxing match. "I guess I did keep that picture, you put me through so much trouble that day that it'd be a waste to not have some sort of record of it."

   Back when Cristina and I were still in seventh grade she wanted to enter a boxing match against this middle school regional champ that was the same age as us. He was doing exhibition matches at a local gym as some promotion his rich parents were putting on as some publicity stunt. Cristina wanted to go up against him to show off the boxing skills she's been working on since she was four, but the officials running it wouldn't let her do it because she was a girl. She called me and begged me to come to the gym to help her out and after calling six times until I finally caved, I walked all the way to the gym that was two hours away by foot.

   She made me bring an extra set of clothes and had me sign up for a match under my name. When it came time for me to step into the ring Cristina went up instead disguised in my clothes and her hair long brown hair hidden under her helmet so nobody knew she was a girl. The match lasted three rounds and the whole time Cristina was in complete control of the match. In the last round she went full force on the poor kid and knocked him out with an uppercut to the jaw.

   When the bell rung the official directed out of the ring and gave her a gold medal declaring her victory in the exhibition match. After getting the medal she ceremoniously took off her helmet so everybody could see she was a girl. The officials looked liked their jaws would detach from their skulls and before anybody could say anything she ran out of the gym with me being dragged by the arm behind her. When we got to a nearby park she decided she wanted to take a picture with her medallion. And somehow I ended taking the picture with her with me simply holding up a peace sign with a look of complete disinterest on my face.

   That was one of the first big misadventures I got into because of her and now I find myself in she whispers something, "Thanks for always being there...you know." If it wasn't so quiet in my room I would of missed her saying that. I look up at her and see that she's staring at the floor and swaying back and forth. I walked up right in front of her and place my index finger on her forehead. I push against it until she falls back onto my bed and before she even lands she's fast asleep. I take a blanket that was on the foot of my bed and toss it over her and walk out of the room making sure to turn the light off before I go.

   When I make it back down stairs I see that the two "grown-ups" of the house are still passed out in the dinning room. I let out a tired sigh and head to the couch in the living room, "I'm surrounded by crazy people."

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Re: Eye Opener

Post by DigitKnight on Mon Jul 13, 2015 12:50 am

My eyes feel like cement slabs as I try to pry them open. When I finally do I'm greeted by a face full of sunlight from my living room window. I still hate mornings with a fiery passion, but on further inspection of the clock on a nearby end table I realize that it's already three in the afternoon.

   I begrudgingly get off the old faded brown couch and look over to the connected kitchen to see that the place is still a mess from last night. There are still beer bottles and boxes of half eaten pizza all over the place. I walk to the fridge get a bottle of water and notice that a note was left on the refrigerator door by Mr. Devons and Uncle Bob.

   The letter says that I have to pick up Cristina from the gym at seven tonight. Apparently her car isn't working and the two of them towed it to a nearby garage to fix it up. I am so not in the mood for this I had already planned to enjoy a nice and quiet day reading a book, not to go run errands. But, on further inspection of the back of the note I noticed that Uncle Bob left a personal message for me. If I don't go pick up Cristina from the gym he promises me that I'll be working the late night shift for one of his construction contracts all next week.

   I accept my fate and begin cleaning up the house from last night. When that is all done I take a nice long shower to wake myself up. I put on some simple blue jeans and a plain white shirt with a black winter jacket to keep me warm. I make sure my sunglasses are covering my eye securely before heading out to my car and starting it up for the 40 minute drive to the gym.

   I pull into the parking lot of Rob's 24-hour fitness right before seven and turn off the car. Cristina has been coming to this gym since her dad first brought her here when she was six. Mr. Devons wanted her to be a strong and confident woman and I guess it more or less worked. She still comes here all the time to practice her boxing skills and workout. She's actually considered one of the gym's best boxers.

   I walk into the old two-story brick building and I'm instantly hit by the blaring sound of music and people working out. The place is pretty big, there's enough room on the first floor to hold a professional size boxing ring in the middle of the room and plenty of exercising equipment. I turn to the "receptionist" of the gym, Martha, to see that she's busy organizing files behind the counter.

   "Hey where's Cristina?" She looks up and when she realizes it's me she shakes her head with a small smile on her face.

   "Direct as always aren't ya Tristan?" Cristina is pretty popular around here and almost everybody knows her, and by extension me. "She should be back by the lockers by now, I saw her finishing up on the punching bag a couple minutes ago." With that I turn away and head straight for the lockers. This isn't the first time I've been here and I know my way around the place.

   The lockers are located on the back wall of the gym so that they're out of the way. While I'm walking around all the exercisers and equipment I look for Cristina's dark brown hair with its bright blonde highlights in order to spot her. But, as I get closer to the lockers I don't see her. Odd, she tends to stand out in this sort of place. She's a six foot tall woman with a slender yet still muscular body, she should stand out easily.

   I reach the back of the gym and look all around the lockers and there is still no sign of her. I look in her usual locker and see that her gym bag is still here, which means she should still be wearing her usual training outfit, a green tank top with blue shorts. I scan the gym and see if she's still working out, but I still don't see her. This is weird, she would've known that I would be the one picking her up today. She would've of definitely got done with plenty of time so not to keep me waiting, that's what she always does.

   I'm starting to get a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. I look around some more and see that the backdoor of gym is slightly ajar. The door leads to an alleyway behind the gym, nobody ever really uses it. For whatever reason I go to the door and open it up with an uneasy feeling coursing through my body. I look out into an alley and see nothing but a dead-end and a dumpster to my left, but on my right I spot something that makes my blood boil.

   Two men were dragging away Cristina to a nearby car. One of them had Cristina in a headlock from behind with a knife pointed towards her back while the was opening the door of the car. I feel all sense of caution leave my body as I start running towards them raising my voice to a volume I've never used before in my life, "Hey! Let go of her, now!"

   The two men and Cristina look up at me and before Cristina yell back to me the man not holding Cristina punches her right in the temple knocking her out. The other man tosses her the back of the car and looks back up at his partner, "Take care of this and meet me back at the safe house, got it?" The other man gives a nod and turns towards me cracking his fist in preparation.

   I run towards the man blocking my way and swing my right arm towards his head hoping to knock him out of my way. The man is much faster then me and grabs my fist in midair with his left hand and punches me in the gut with right hand. I stumble back trying to keep my balance, but before I can recover he raises his right foot and kicks me in the chest causing me to fall backwards onto the ground.

   As I try to get back up I hear the sound of a car driving away, it must be the other man, he's getting away. How dare these creep attack Cristina. I finally stand back to face my attacker only to see him cracking his knuckles with a smug smile on his face, "Is that pretty little thing your girlfriend or something. I gotta admit she's quite the catch."

   "Don't you dare talk about her." I lunge forward hoping to tackle him to the ground, but knees me in the chin causing me to stumble back, he then punches me right across the face causing me to spin around and fall to the ground face first.

   "You seem like quite the spitfire. Listen kid, I would be more worried about how you're going to spend the last moments of your life, instead of thinking of that girl." I can hear the mocking tone in his voice loud and clear. This smug jerk is going to pay for attacking her nobody causing Cristina pain. Nobody!

   I try to lift myself off the ground with my arms and as I do I notice shards of glass falling from my shades. They must've broke when I hit the ground. But, I can't worry about that right now this creep needs to pay for what he's done. I put all my anger into getting myself up and when I do I turn and face my attacker once more.

   I look him straight in the eye and prepare for the next round. When I do that smug grin he's had this whole time starts to fade and his eyes widen with shock, "You some kind of circus freak, kid?" I ignore him and take a step forward never breaking eye contact and to my surprise he takes a step back. He looks like he's getting scared and as I continue to look at him I see...something. I see a vision of fire raging out of control and the sounds of this man screaming in agony.

   I'm broken out of this vision when he yells and throws a punch at me, but it stops in midair just a few inches from my chest. His face has turned completely pale, as if he saw a ghost, and he's still looking directly into my eyes. Good. He's afraid, this man doesn't deserve to be smug and overconfident, he deserves to feel nothing but terror. As we're both standing there motionless, neither of us moving an inch the thought of this man punching Cristina crosses mind making me even more angry. And, as if in response to my anger, all of a sudden his fist, still hanging right in front of me, catches on fire.

   Seeing this the man screams in agony and starts waving his hand in the air trying to put the flame out. He starts smacking it against the nearby wall in a desperate attempt to extinguish it. But, no matter what he does the flame continues to burn. As I look on at this I never remove my gaze from what's happening and when the man turns to me and stares desperately at me for help, I don't move an inch and continue to look directly into his eyes, "Be afraid."

   After that the flame travels up his arm and engulfs his entire body. He starts screaming louder then before, "Please, I don't want to burn alive help me." He starts walking backwards away from still trying to pat out the flames, but he trips backwards and lands on the ground with a big thud. Right after he lands the fire disappears instantly leaving no trace of its existence. There are no burns, no charred clothes, nothing, like it was never there in the first place.

   The flames disappearing snaps me out of my angered trance and I begin replaying what just happened in my head. This is not the first time someone has reacted to seeing my eye. The man who tried to rob that gas station I was at a little while ago looked terrified after seeing my uncovered eye. That time was not as nearly intense as this.

   I go over and pick up one of the shards of glass from my sunglasses and use it to look at my left eye. I nearly fall over when I see what has happened to my eye. My left eye no longer has a pupil or an iris, instead there are two black lines taking there place. One black line goes straight up and down with the ends narrowing into points. While the other one is flat going left and right with the ends also narrowing into points. Together a they form a plus sign right where my eye should be.

   What is happening to me and what happened to that man. I guess I can't worry about that now though. I need to find out where Cristina is and fast before she's lost forever.

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Re: Eye Opener

Post by DigitKnight on Fri Jul 17, 2015 6:42 am

I hear moaning coming from the man that just attacked me and I realize that he's about to wake up again. This may be what I need though, he's my only link to Cristina. I see an old bottle of beer laying by the dumpster at the end of the alley, I go pick up by the neck and on the way back to the man coming back to his senses I smash it against the wall with no concern for my well being. It the bottom of the bottle shatters leaving a broken and sharp surface of glass spikes.

   I approach the man and kneel down next to him waiting for him to regain consciousness. He let's out a painful groan and moves his head side to side causing the loose gravel on the ground to scrape against the back of his head, letting out a low grinding sound. Before he opens his eyes I remember back to how my anger triggered the flames to appear, I try to release that anger again but noting happens no matter how hard I concentrate.

   When he finally opens his eyes I make sure that he sees me put the broken bottle to his neck. He stares down at the glass centimeters away from his jugular and when the reality sets in he looks up at me with wide eyes. When the man looks up and sees me he immediately turns away not wanting to look me in the eye. I decide to close my left eye for now to keep him from freezing in fear, I have to work fast, "Who are you and why did you take the Cristina?"

   The man turns his head back up at me, now a little calmer seeing my left eye close, and gives me a quizzical look, "Who?"

   "The girl! Why did you take the girl?!?" I motion the glass bottle closer to his neck feeling my anger rising.

   "Oh the girl, the girl. This woman came to us saying she wanted us to kidnap some girl that came to this gym all the time."

   "Why did she want her, tell me!"

   "I don't know, me and my buddy were desperate for cash so we didn't ask too many questions and she said we'd get a fine payout after all this was done."

   I furrow my brows in frustration, this man doesn't know anything thing else he's just hired muscle, "Where did your partner go with the girl?"

   He stares at me hesitantly, he doesn't want to give up his partner. I guess this is the perfect time to test my theory. I open up my left eye and lock my gaze on his eyes. I release the same feeling of anger from before and like before his body becomes engulf in fire. He wails in fear and before he can move around I stand up and place my left foot on his chest never breaking eye contact, "Where is your partner?"

   "He's in an old warehouse down on 31st street, building number 17." I let my anger die down and slowly the flames dissipate from his body. So I was right, my emotions seem to trigger the power of my left eye and I need to be looking straight into their eyes in order to activate it. I look down and see the man breathing slowly in and out with his eyes closed, relieved that he's safe. I take the bottle still my hand and smack the not broken end on his forehead, knocking him out with a loud thud.

   I run out of the alley and head towards the parking lot, I now know where Cristina is and I have no time to lose. I jump into my car and turn on the engine as I put the car in gear I look down at the foot that held that thug down while he was burning. No scorch marks on my shoe or my pant leg, meaning that fire was definitely not real, it was some kind of...illusion. Putting that thought into the back of my mind I pull out of the parking lot and head towards the warehouse that Cristina is being held.

   It takes me an hour to finally reach the warehouse that the man told me about. I park down the street from the building to make sure the other man doesn't see me. It is already pretty dark out and I have no idea what time it is and I don't care all that matters right now is making this creep pay for what he's done. I get out of the car and walk down the sidewalk towards the warehouse. The cube looking warehouse looks old and abandoned. The walls are made of old gray colored bricks that look like they're crumbling away, clearly showing that the building hasn't been taken cared of for years. The walls go up about thirty feet and end on a flat roof with a couple broken glass windows near the top.

   I look around the building and I see a black Sedan parked in a alley that runs behind the warehouse. It's the same car that took away Cristina back at the gym, I'm in the right place. There's a garage door on the side that faces the street with a metallic door right next to it, but going in that way could be dangerous. On the right side of the building there's several more garage doors and a parking lot where trucks would come in and drop off supplies, but still no way to get in undetected. On the left side of the building is a narrow alleyway with the warehouse on one side and an old brick apartment complex on the other.

   I walk down the alley and I see that the apartment complex has a fire escape in the alley, that's my way in. I go to the bottom of the fire escape and jump up and grab the ladder hanging off the ground. I go up the fire escape and use it to reach the flat roof of the apartment complex. I look over and see that the roof of the warehouse has a door on the roof like I expected. I get to the other side of the complex's roof farthest from the warehouse and get ready to run. The distance between this roof and the warehouse's is about 10 feet or so I'm going to need all the speed I can get.

   I propel myself forward and run full speed towards the opposing roof. When I get close to the jump it feels like time slows down. I can hear every crisp sound my shoes make on the graveled roof, the fast thumps of my heartbeat and my desperate gasps for air. My right foot lands on the edge of the roof and I leap with all my strength towards the other building. I fly through the air towards the warehouse roof, but when I'm about halfway there I feel myself falling and I know that I might not make it.

   I stretch my arms out in front of me in desperation and as I get a mere foot away from the building my head is already below the roof. I grab onto the ledge of the warehouse with my knees hitting the side of the building hard. I suppress a cry of pain as I struggle to lift myself up on the roof. My arms and hands scream out in agony as I pull myself up, but with my feet finally secure on the side of the building I'm able to scramble onto the roof of the warehouse.

   I lay on the ground for a few moments breathing heavily from my ordeal, "I'm starting to regret always rejecting Cristina's offers to workout with her." I get back onto my feel and head towards the ceiling door. I open it up and head down the steps a little ways to eventually find myself in a decently sized empty room that looks like it could have been the boss's office. It has a window that spans the top half of an entire wall and with it I'm able to look out over the entire warehouse from above

   The place still has a few boxes here and there but for the most part it's pretty empty. I scan the floor to find Cristina and when I look out towards the right corner from me I see her. She and that man from earlier are by a pile of boxes in the corner with Cristina laying on one unconscious. The other man is walking back and forth nervously fidgeting with his black leather jacket as if he's waiting for something, probably his partner.
   I look around the room and see a door leading out to metal walkway. I open it and slowly starting moving across the metallic floor. It goes along on the wall of the building and towards the corner opposite of where Cristina is. There it ends with only a metal ladder to get to the ground floor.

   I slowly descend the ladder to keep myself from making any noise. When I get to the bottom I look out across the floor to see that the kidnapper hasn't seem me. Lucky for me I'm pretty far away and it seems that most of the lights are broken with only the ones closest to him working. I sneak across the vast warehouse keeping low to the ground and using what little boxes still here as cover.

   Eventually I get about twenty feet away from him and hide behind a box that reaches up to my stomach just on the edge of the light coming from his corner. I can here him talking to himself now, "Where is that idiot? He's the one that knows where we're suppose to meet that chick for the exchange." Good he's pretty distracted right now which means I can sneak up on him pretty easily. I just need to get close, lock my gaze with him and it's over.

   When he turns his back from me I make my move. I slowly move out from behind the box and work my way towards him as quietly as I can. But before I get too close I hear the sound of breaking glass come from under my shoe. I look down and see that I stepped on what seems to be a shattered light bulb, "Hey, you!" I look up and see the man has turned around and has a revolver pointed straight at me. I dive back behind the box I was hiding behind earlier as he fires off two shots.

   The first shot hits the floor I was standing on while the other hits the box I dived behind. He fires several more shots into the box, lucky for me none of them pierce through it, "I remember you, your that kid from the gym, Mr. Hero."

   I crouch behind the box making that my body is completely covered by it. This is bad I've lost the element of surprise, "Let the girl or else!" I hear the man start laughing, I guess bluffing isn't going to work either.

   "I don't know if you haven't realized it yet kid but you're the one in trouble here."

   "Yeah I know." I whisper under my breath. The only chance I have is to lock his gaze and set him on fire like I did with the other one. The man fires several more shots into the box, luckily my impromptu shield keeps me safe. I hear a faint click coming from his direction and the sound metal dropping on the floor, he's reloading that revolver of his. This is my chance, I rise up from behind my box and man looks up from his revolver to look at me. We lock gazes and I try to activate my power, but something feels different.

   When I look into his eyes I see a vision flash before my eyes just like last time. This time instead of fire and screaming I see a man cowering in a corner and I feel a wave of helplessness come from him. The vision is over quickly and when it is done I can't believe my eyes. Standing beside is another me. I look over and see that he's a perfect replica of me down to every last detail. Even the faint freckles on his face are the same as mine. I lift my hand up to touch his shoulder but it goes right through him. But, before I can even begin to fathom what's happening a distinct click breaks me from my thoughts
   I look back over to the man and see that he's done reloading and before I can hide behind the box he opens fire. I brace myself for the inevitable pain but it never comes. I check myself and see that I'm not wounded. The man fires again and I hear it whiz pass me on my right, he's shooting at the duplicate. I look up and see that he's not looking at me but at my doppelganger.

   I can see him sweating from here, good. I think I get it now, he doesn't see me he only my copy. I can't help feel the smile spread across my face and when I look over to my copy I see that he has done the same thing, "Stop smiling! What are you?!" I look back and I can see that the kidnapper looks quite shaken. It seems that I can control this illusion too, let's see what I can do. In my head I imagine the copy walking forward and surely enough he starts moving towards the kidnapper.

   The frightened kidnapper hastily reloads his gun and shoots it at the slowly approaching illusion. The bullets go right through it just like before, you can't hit something that's not there. The man unloads all of his rounds and by the time he's done he's standing face to face with my illusion. The man yells out in anger and brandishes a knife from his back pocket and starts swinging at it. The knife goes through the non-existent body just like the bullets and the man continues to yell in frustration.

   I look over and see an electrical box on the wall behind him, that gives me an idea. I make the illusion circle around him and slowly back up towards the electrical box, the whole time never turning away from the frightened kidnapper. The man continues to swing his knife at the illusion following it closer and closer to the electrical box, "Why can't I kill you!" The man screams out in frustration never stopping his attack.

   Eventually the illusion has its back right in front of the electrical box and the man has stopped his attack in order to catch his breath. Just one last step, I think of the perfect sentence to goad the man into one last final attack and sure enough my illusion says it with a voice that sounds exactly like mine, "What's wrong? Big tough guy like you can't take of one high school student who's never been in a fight his whole life?"

   The man snaps and yells out in rage, "I'll show you ya snot nose punk!" he lunges forward and tries to stab my illusionary self. Instead he goes straight through him and jams his knife in the electrical box. The box burst into sparks and the man flies backwards landing on the floor with loud slam. When the sparks clear I see that my illusion is gone and the man is on the floor, his slowly rising and falling chest the only indicator he's still alive.

   I look over and see that Cristina is still asleep on top of the box with her hands tied behind her. I rush over and lift her off the box and into my arms. As I do I knock over a bottle by the box and see that it's a bottle of chloroform, no wonder she's still out after all of that. I lay her sitting up against one of the boxes and lightly slap her face in an attempt to wake her up, "Cristina wake up. Cristina. Cristina! Cris!"

   Her eyes start to flutter open and before she comes too I close my left eye so not to scare her. She looks up at me and gives me a small grin, "It took me getting kidnapped for you to finally call me Cris?"

   I give a small laugh as I help her up letting her lean on me for support, "Yeah, yeah whatever just do me a favor and lay off these misadventures for awhile I don't think my body can take this kind of thing."

   When she finally gets to her feet she looks up at me with a straight face. All of a sudden she starts crying into my shoulder, "I was so scared, I thought I was going to die."

   I just stood there completely stunned for several moments, I've never seen her this scared before in all my years of knowing her. Not knowing what to say I slowly and very tentatively wrap my arms around her and slowly pull her into a hug. And we just stood there just like that in an abandoned warehouse for what seemed like an eternity.

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Re: Eye Opener

Post by DigitKnight on Tue Aug 04, 2015 9:12 pm

I can't believe the cops in this town are they lazy or do they just not care. I get up from my desk and stretch my legs after sitting at it for several hours doing homework and reading my local news feed. I look over to the screen and the article still there still makes me want to punch the screen.
  The article states that the case of the attempted kidnapping of a local girl has been declared close since all members have been tried and sent to prison. What nonsense I told the cops the night they picked Cristina and I up that some other person was involved in the kidnapping. But, they wouldn't listen to me saying that they would take care of it. In retrospect I guess it was a good thing that they didn't pay too much attention to me, if they did the secret about my left eye would've been revealed and that was something I didn't want to deal with. Thank goodness I had an extra pair of sunglasses on me.

  Thinking back to that night I remember how the police accepted the story of me following the car to the warehouse and taking out the kidnapper without a weapon pretty easily. I got the feeling that they didn't want to admit that a young kid like me was able to handle the situation without them. Besides I basically told them the truth, he fired several shots at me until he ran out of ammo and then proceeded to come after me with a knife. Then during the struggle he stabbed the electrical box by accident and electrocuted himself. All of this was true I just let the fact that he was fighting an illusion of me and not the real thing slip my mind.

  Afterwards I took Cristina back to her place once the EMTs were done checking her injuries. The entire ride home was nothing but silence with neither of us knowing what to say. When we got to her house both Uncle Bob and Cristina's dad were waiting for us. Mr. Devons came and gave Cristina a big hug before she could even step off the driveway. Uncle Bob walked behind him and gave her a quick hug too when Mr. Devons finally released her from his death grip.

  As we walked up the toward the house with Mr. Devons arm around Cristina's shoulder, Uncle Bob came up and gave me a quick pat on the shoulder and said, "Good job kid." And before I could even register that he was already walking ahead of me and into the house.

  We had an old fashioned family dinner of steak and potatoes that night and to the outside observer it would've seemed that like the kidnapping never happened. Mr. Devons and Uncle Bob were talking back and forth and pestering me with Cristina contributing every now and then. But, I could tell that Cristina wasn't herself she was quieter and less energetic then usual. As we got done with the meal Uncle Bob gave Cristina one last hug and a left with a light kiss to her forehead. She smiled and thanked him for coming over and Mr. Devons proceeded to walk him out.

  An awkward silence fell as just Cristina and I sat there at the dinner trying not to look at each other. Finally I got up and broke the silence, "So I guess I'll see ya at school make sure you remember to bring that essay for English class, Mrs. Clarks is pretty adamant about due dates."

  She looked at me with a face I couldn't quite read and she just slowly rose from her chair, "Yeah whatever, I'll remember."

  "O-Okay, see ya Cristina."

  I turn to the front and door but before I could take two steps I heard Cristina mumble something, "So we're back to Cristina"

  I turn to face her and see her scowling at me, "What are you talking about?"

  She turns and starts heading down the nearby hallway to her room never looking back at me, "Just forget it, see ya later Tristan."

  Shaking my head I take my leave and head home. The next few days Cristina didn't come to school, I heard that she called in sick with food poisoning. When she finally comes back she looks as if nothing ever happened and resumes her daily routine. The police kept her name from being revealed to the public so the news of her kidnapping remained secret to the school. But one thing was different, she seems to be avoiding me, we talk during the classes we have together but outside of that she would always have something she had to do and she hasn't visited me during the library after school like she usually does. At first I really appreciated the silence and the ability to go about my routine uninterrupted for once. But now I have the feeling that something is wrong.

  That will have to wait though, I sit back down and reread the article concerning Cristina's kidnapping. Apparently the police had enough evidence that a testimony from Cristina wasn't even necessary, thus the trial went quick and smoothly casting the city's South District Police in a positive light. Maybe that's why they aren't pursuing a third accomplice, they wanted to make this trial an example, to show that the South District's Police were comprised of competent and efficient officers who were able to bring about justice swiftly and mercilessly.

  That would make sense since there's been word that the city was thinking of getting West and East district cops more involved in patrolling the southern area of the city. This would be extremely humiliating for the South District cops so they must think that this trial will help persuade the city to rethink such plans. Whether I'm right about this or not doesn't matter though the woman that talked those men into taking her in the first place is still out there and it's entirely possibly that she might try again. I won't let that happen

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Re: Eye Opener

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